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  • Teddy
    Teddy wrote:
    <p>I am sharing an apartment with someone, my roommate is almost never home, she lives at her BF house,. I found a new job far away and the new school has a free apartment for me. The other room still has 3 months left on the contract, does anybody have a friend looking for a short term rental? the room is very close to Xuanwumen subway station. I pay the rent is RMB2,200 for 2 months the last month is free because they will just keep my deposit, so you only have to pay RMB4,400 for 3 months rent no deposit. the room is big but the bathroom is a nasty but what do you expect the room itself isn't bad, nice floor walls are ok, windows are so so the kitchen is ok for Chinese standards.... so if you have a friend that is here or needs short term let me know, thank you</p>

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