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  • Hailey
    Hailey wrote:
    <p>Hi guys, i'm looking for a good gym near BLCU/wudaokou area. I've been so lazy for the 23 years of my life and going to the gym regularly suddenly seems like a good idea. But i don't know any good gyms in the neighborhood. If it's not within walking distance i'm sure i'll give up in less than a week. I'm not looking for an insanely fancy gym, just a regular one where it's not always crowded, and a swimming pool would be nice. </p> <p>so, any recommendations? i'd really appreciate it! Also, i'm looking for a gym partner, so that i won't quit half-way. Thanks guys</p>
  • Daniel
    Daniel wrote:

    Just thought I'd bump this: which is the best gym in Wudaokou? Main consideration is how crowded it gets as I imagine the gyms in the universities will be packed most of the time.

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