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  • Lynn
    Lynn wrote:
    <p>need help here....</p> <p>can someone install Ubuntu in my IBM laptop ? i already have the old version of Ubuntu on it, i also have Windows Vista on the same laptop. however the Ubuntu cant get upgraded....and im really not the IT type of person...</p> <p>So! the deal is , if you can help me install the new version of Ubuntu in my laptop i will invite you for a dinner. well, i dont think i need to specify the budget for the dinner here do i?</p> <p>or if you think dinner requires too long time to spend with me, i can invite you for a drink or two instead. depends on you.</p> <p>thanks!!!</p> <p>Lynn</p>
  • Patrick Coleman

    Lynn i can install it for you but no need to bother for dinner. where do you stay? around chaoyang will be great!

  • Patrick Coleman

    also BACKUP all your files before the upgrade OK

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    I'll take Art's dinner and persuade you to try Linux Mint.

  • Patrick Coleman

    Im bussy at the moment but there is an easy way to upgrade while connected to the internet. easy as 123456

    Instructions 1 Click the "System" menu, click "Administration" and then click "Update Manager."

    2 Click the "Check" button in the Update Manager window to check for updates, then click "Install Updates" to install them.

    3 Type your password, and press "Enter" when Ubuntu requests it.

    4 Click the "Upgrade" button that appears at the top-right corner of the Update Manager window.

    5 Read the Release Notes that appear, if you want, then click the "Upgrade" button at the bottom of the Release Notes window to continue.

    6 Click the "Start Upgrade" button in the window that appears with a list of package information. Ubuntu might remove some software packages that are no longer supported as well as install new software packages. You can review the list of packages that will be removed, added and updated in the Details pane at the bottom of this window.

    7 Click "Restart Now" to restart your computer after Ubuntu finishes upgrading.

    GOOD LUCK MY DEAR any problems just call my name and ill be there.

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