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    Tracy wrote:
    <p><a href="http://www.capitalmandarin.com">link text</a>About the CBD appearance design, Chinese people and foreigners have different views. 关于CBD的外观设计,中国人和外国人有着不同的观点。 In some Chinese traditional ideas, the appearance of the CBD, no traditional buildings,so some people don&apos;t like it. 在一些中国人的传统观念里,CBD的外观,不是传统意义的建筑,所以有些人不喜欢它。 Some other people, the idea of compares halfback, think of this design is very beautiful, very fashionable. 另一些人,有比较前卫的思想,觉得这个设计很漂亮、很时尚。 So, do you like it? 那么,你喜欢它吗? </p>
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    http://www.poshaguo.com/bbs We live in China

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