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  • Richie
    Richie wrote:
    <p>Tell me where and how a honest man has being cheated and I'll prove you wrong</p>
  • Noprobnisouci
    Noprobnisouci wrote:

    I now understand why Panda is called Master. I 100% agree with him!

    First, there is 1000 ways to cheat. The only fact of telling someone you love him/her when you don't is cheating.

    For exemple my ex gf was always lying to me or hiding the truth. I knew is was heading for disaster, and at that time I could have easily stopped her. But instead of that, I decided to act irrationnally and trust her, my purpose was to show her I loved her and dispise everything I was willing to spend my life with her. I waited for 6month and it was getting worse and worse. At the end, after I just spent 11 000 kuai for her 2012 study fee, she decided to thank me stealing another 18 000 kuai when I was on vacation in France. At this point I was sure I was wrong about her, and broke up with her. I'm sad and disapointed, but I regret nothing. (I got most of my money back ^_^)

    There is no point living a restrain love. If I fall in love again I'll risk everything again without hesitation.


  • Ajantha Manohar

    Mini yes sir likes Panda´s comments

  • Fredrik Emil Kiran

    So it is possible that 80% of married people could have affair in their marriage.

  • Fredrik Emil Kiran

    Somehow I figure out from the above words that cheated is normal in a relationship. He said he didn't mind her ex cheating on him because he wanted to show how much he loved her. Sometimes people escape from despression with generous toleratnces. And people could take advantadge of it to do some cheated things. Then that idea came up to my mind, it gives chance, it makes "have affair" available.

    I just said it COULD happen.

  • Stian Moe
    Stian Moe wrote:

    why cheating in the first place???

  • Stian Moe
    Stian Moe wrote:

    @ Chris, i don't agree with u. If u re not satisfied , then u can always talk about it, maybe u can find a solution or well sometimes is better to just leave it, so for me cheating* is not really a necessity at all

  • Stian Moe
    Stian Moe wrote:

    @ Richie, ohhhhh understood!!!

  • Virgil W
    Virgil W wrote:

    We've all been cheated at some point in time; Cheating is a part of life and life has its circle.

    Well, if not, maybe you're a little square.

  • Virgil W
    Virgil W wrote:

    @ Master P


  • Saint - Spartacus

    it's too complicated & brain damage to cheat others if a person with too much faith and pursuit

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