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    <blockquote> <p>Homer Simpson’s image on a blob of dried glue has attracted lots of d’oh.</p> <p>When the auc­tion for the looka­like glue-blob of The Simpson’s char­ac­ter closed Mon­day, the item sold for the equiv­a­lent of $238,800 U.S.</p> <p>London-based seller Christo­pher Her­bert said he couldn’t believe it when Simp­sons fans began mak­ing offers. He found the blob while clean­ing his sta­tionery cup­board. He listed it on eBay only after his girl­friend noticed it had a slight resem­blance to Homer, includ­ing the car­toon dad’s big eyes and oval head.</p> <p>Her­bert started the bid­ding at only 99p ($1.61), list­ing the item more for fun than any­thing else. In the list­ing, Her­bert called the curios­ity the “miss­ing piece” in any Simp­sons fan’s col­lec­tion and said that it was “made nat­u­rally by an over­flow­ing tube of Uhu glue!”</p> <p>“I’ve never actu­ally sold any­thing on (eBay) before, so I thought I’d just stick it on for a bit of a joke, to be hon­est,” said Her­bert, 36.</p> <p>“I didn’t think any­one would actu­ally bid for an old bit of dried glue, even one that looks like Homer Simp­son,” he remarked. “I’m absolutely amazed and very, very pleased and happy and won­der­ing what to spend the money on.”</p> </blockquote> <p>http://blog.bcdb.com/homer-simpson-shaped-glue-blob-sells-238800-2869/</p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/d64988c9a1d34b94b26ca5e4e7fcfa7d.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p>

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