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  • WWJ
    WWJ wrote:
    <p>Has anybody used this company to get an invitation letter for f-business letter or z? Are they reliable? US embassy needs original copy of invitation letter, but getin2china says just to "print a colorful copy of it"--this sound fishy?</p> <p>They ask for 900 kuai upfront, but I assume if it fails it is non-refundable.</p> <p>Anybody know anything about them?</p>
  • Ole-Marius
    Ole-Marius wrote:

    I've used That's China and Trader's Link. Both are serious and get the job done :-) Do NOT use shady private agent's, a friend of mine did that and got screwed over big time. By big time, I mean 3 months in Chinese prison (initially 6, but a ambassador from his country questioned a Chinese ambassador on TV, so it became a face thing) before getting deported.

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