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  • Tracy
    Tracy wrote:
    <p>回家路线和交通工具 Home line and transportation</p> <p>李欣:【从威海到西宁 共计约41小时】包车(到青岛)、火车(卧铺到西宁)、私家车(爸爸接回家)</p> <p>Lin Xin:(From weihai to xining about 41 hours total)Charter (to Qingdao), the train (berth to xining), private cars (dad home)</p> <p>王子:【从威海到呼兰 共计约29小时】公交车(到海港)、轮船(到大连)、公交车(到火车站)、火车(硬座到哈尔滨)、大巴(到呼兰)、出租车(到家)</p> <p>Wang Zi:(From weihai to hulan including approximately 29 hours)The bus (to harbor), ship (to dalian), and buses (to the railway station), the train (hard seat to Harbin), the bus (to hulan), a taxi (home)</p>

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