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  • Poeloe
    Poeloe wrote:
    <p>Beijing's nightlife scene is quite cool but in my view it's still far from professional compared to other big cities. For instance, I miss the larger (house) parties outdoors. There are a few, but not as many as you might expect.</p> <p>What do you miss in Beijing's nightlife scene or what would be your suggestions for an even better scene?</p>
  • Mya In
    Mya In wrote:

    real alcohol

  • Ajantha Manohar

    Sluts with curves, the most of them in the clubs are fucking skinny

  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:

    Kalimotxo and botellón :,(

  • Lynn
    Lynn wrote:

    not enough underground scene. honestly the parties in BJ sucks. people are pretentious, boring, drunkards....there not real RAVERS...they either want to get drunk or hook up with girls....lame... no decent music but commercial shits like swedish house mafia et.al , otherwise some house-ish music claim to be techno, or some techno but rather really really old... no proper party meal as well, which totally sucks if you know what i mean.,

  • Ajantha Manohar

    Can you even point out Germany on a world map, 美国傻屄?

  • Lynn
    Lynn wrote:

    @Pete Mcbrostein please do NOT comment if you dont know a shit about me or minimal music. u can say my taste in music is awful, i respect that, but speaking on behalf of other people is quite childish isnt it? i think you probably need to get ur ass and mouth banged in Berghain to learn a proper techno education. lol no offense though

    every music has content and substance, its just a matter of whether you can understand it or not. and i acknowledge the pitiful fact that you can not understand that of minimal. dont worry, its not a big problem, u are just genetically impaired.

    no one ever told me other music are shit, neither did i ever said other music is shit, i just said some DJs are shit. i dont need you, or any person of that matter to tell me what music is good or not.

    again, no offence:3

  • Peter S 李贝勒

    Just open ur ears to all the kinds of musics. in all the esthetics, u find someone who do something qqualitative and interesting. never say never ;-) and never be close...

    @ "Pete mc bro" I can understand u... 15 years ago, i was completly close to electronic music. Then, i understand that the purpose of this music is not the "note"! the raw material is the sound and if u compose, u carve it...

    Oh! and about music in beijing, i m agree with "poeloe" the level is far from others big and not so big city ;-) They need to work the creativity and to practice more!!! But here, The question of creativity is a problem of society. Nobody ask u to have ideas. free minds are dangerous for the establishment. They ask u to copy well...

    Open ur mind, hang out, go to see plays and concerts, meet people...

  • Peter S 李贝勒

    Ok joep!!! Let's do a 50's rock'n'roll cover band for fun!!!

  • Sean Nevala
    Sean Nevala wrote:

    Lao Wai's in Wudaokou, their Steak on stick for 24 rmb is impossible to beat

  • Peter S 李贝勒

    :-) when i m in beijing (should be in april) we have a glass and talk about it... Take care and rock'n'roll

  • Saint - Spartacus

    who like do a gorilaz or the vines cover with me ^^

  • Saint - Spartacus


  • stop
    stop wrote:

    Security Guard like Michael Clarke Duncan standing at entrance to control the quantity of both sexs...

  • Dominik
    Dominik wrote:

    I agree with Lynn...a real rave is missing in this town, I am basically turning my shitty one room apartment into a DnB central...everything over headphones of course.

    It sucks, I want to hear real nice liquid from Logistics, Smooth, Netsky etc... and not DUM DUM DUM all night long in shitty bars that look like a roadhouse for hiv positive coke swinging bikers that bend hermaphrodites over pool tables..beijing iseems to be THAT seedy...

    also the drinks served are punched and taste like ass.

    I also

    thanks niels for the cowbell, not many people know about that SNL sketch. very nice

  • Simen Wangberg

    "not many people know about that SNL sketch."

    Seriously? I got sick of people quoting it about six or seven years ago. It is older than time.

  • Dominik
    Dominik wrote:

    yes, so is eddie murphy but bucky is still awesome...

  • Beijing Bass (Herbie)

    alt text

    The huge clubs during the clubbing boom that hit Beijing between 1995-97, then they almost all vanished... Had loads of fun as a resident at Oriental No.1. Hi to anyone that was clubbing back then in the city.

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