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  • Cheng
    Cheng wrote:
    <p>I nominate Monash! It's full of failures who have no future.</p>
  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... it just happened that we were talking about this year's summer over dinner last night, and other than one or two days of 35 (or above), most of Dec and Jan have been raining, and not very hot in Sydney ...

    As far as Macquarie is concerned, it was known to have low entrance requirement, but very tough exams etc, the largest population are Asians, mainly Chinese and Koreans, and the campus is along the new train (subway) line ...

    As for UWS ... not exactly sure about its Med programs, but I know a few people went there for Nursing degree, and probably due to its location and relationship with Westmead Hospital, the school has a well recognised Nursing course, so I imagine the Med program is OK too overall?

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... so the problem is a feeling of inferiority, leading to some kind of pseudo superiority?

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