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  • Mandy422
    Mandy422 wrote:
    <p>大过年的,坐地铁遇到了3波,还有一妇女带小孩的,看到我在拍照就下车了,遇到这些人,你们会给钱吗?</p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/edc122fa4a6f4c69b161311c7ffafa92.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/f310472aec3146da814c7ee8109422eb.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/4d4d312c1cc442bcaf321738fbb5a8c7.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/9d6c933ac9b94ecc9159e0ced02b2b84.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p>
  • A豆腐
    A豆腐 wrote:


    is chinese people having told me numerous times before not to give to beggars

    Time ago on this website, was published an interview with Lao Zhao, that lovely beggar with two puppies that you always can find around Wudaokou.

    Some information:

    • Each month he gains around 1000-1200 rmb could be more in xmas or summer with all those foreign summer students walking around in wudaokou (So, that´s mean a lot people working in Beijing make less money than him)

      Each month he stays in Beijing 3 weeks before come back to his home (I suppose beggars can have house and still can be considered beggars, they are not vagabonds....).

      In his village, working in a factory, workers gain 1000 rmb each YEAR!! So, He gains more in 3 weeks.

      He is not alone in the world, he has a family, sons and grandsons...

    • He and the others beggars from wudaokou usually play Mahjong in their free time, under a bridge....

    Before feel pity for him and others, feel pity about the workers than gain less than him, and also feel pity for his puppies, because when they grow up and stop being lovely, they dissapear and they are replaced by other new lovely puppies.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    HOBOTIP: wear baggy clothing, call it Chaplinesque; learn IWW slang; give fresh fruit to beggars; starting equipment: flask of whiskey, hand-rolled cigarettes, or ninja-pipe of pollum ####

    I've got a bleeding heart that's a little bit redder than most of my ilk, and compared to far-sighted goals like subverting the dominant political-economic paradigm and abolishing the capitalist wage-slavery system, ironically, giving money to beggars is not something that makes me feel all warm and gooey inside. When I yearn to partake of that feeling, I get it from Findley's boyhole.

    That said, I think it's cool to give money to oldsters and anyone who puts on even the most sad and pathetic of street performances, except for a few tell-tale begging rackets such as the grossly disfigured people in the subway singing tone-deaf with the miniature amplifier on high-reverb.

    Really, giving money to anyone on the subway is a full-retard decision. Those fucking morlocks had to pay two kuai just to get in. Two kuai is actually quite a bit of money to most beggars, who typically get only a few mao or fen. They're paying money with the expectation that they'll "earn" it back after a few train trips.

    I'm sorry, but that's like a string holding up a space battleship in an old science fiction B-movie, or really, really bad voice-dubbing in a kung fu movie. It spoils the suspense of disbelief and makes a mockery of the entirely sophisticated stagecraft of poverty-spectacle.

    I've lived all over the world, and seen so many things

    alt text

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    Of course, if any of these beggars are being held in slavery by wealthy gangs then this shit be sorted out. I wouldn't even mind the gang leaders being dealt with in quite brutal fashion.

    I always question the extent to which this shit is organized and how 'professional' this begging is, though no doubt it happens. When someone has no legs and looks as if they are about to die, they have certainly went some distance to fake it.

    Also, if someone is putting them outside in the freezing fucking cold and dragging themselves around on the street, if they are faking it, they are pretty fucked up people and I don't really have qualms with giving them money.

    Have always been a bit confused when people say they only give money to those who can sing, juggle, play an instrument or whatever; I have always thought it was the most useless, helpless individuals who I ought to give money to, and in a sense were the most deserving.

    Also, I'm unsure about the implication that the Chinese deal or react with this issue different to anybody else; it seems largely the same to me: Most people feel a bit awkward and largely ignore them, a few people don't know what to do, and a few give a little...

    Ideally I like to give something functional like beer or drugs but that is not always available so end up giving a measly 1 kwai (tight bastard aren't I); I'm probaly being selfish in the giving, when I see this beggars I can't help thinking 'that could be me one days', so o that level it makes sense to give.

    Good point L'Emmerdeur (随便叫兽) made about the 2 Kwai paid to actually getting on the subway, rather stupidly that is something I had not considered, the assumption of getting money does rather take away from the spectacle somewhat...

    For what it's worth I'd encourage more eople to give a tiny bit now and then. Pretty sure most people beg because they need money to eat etc...

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Even if I weren't accustomed to buying my happiness from High Priest or spreading my happiness all over the lips of David Findley, I still wouldn't get a lot of happiness from tantalizing a peasant with an umbrella for thirty minutes.


    EMILIA wrote:

    果断的给, 不管过年不过年...

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