Discussion » Current Events » iphone is a shit,they r earned crazy,im so ashamed

  • Vanessa Cheung
    Vanessa Cheung wrote:
    <p>the sysem of aperation is so hard to control and so complicated,calling music only can keept 40 seconds,it always keeping cost GPRS if u just only play a offline game,( always has ads appearcing.) regreded bought it,felt no worth 5 thoustands rmb..WHY almost everyone has it on hand? WHY WHY WHY ???</p>
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Please throw that shit into my trash can, am gonna send u my add

  • Vanessa Cheung

    hahaha..i don't think if u had 1000 rmb... sorry, can't resell

  • Vanessa Cheung

    u r just like a iphone,is a shit,,,ohhhh...no no no,,,,,,no a iphone,coz seems u r not cost 5000 rmb...haha,sorry for thaT, coz ii only knowing how to tell the truth..hahha...:PPPPPP (laughting~)

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