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  • Busytrade
    Busytrade wrote:
    <p>I have just purchased a iPad2 docking station with speakers from Amazon. Frstly it does not work with an ipad 2. I gave up in the end as the ipad 2 was getting scratched in the process. There was no problem with Amazon and it is being ollected tomorrow.It is advertised as being compatible but I am not the only person that has found that it is not. After I used google to search the iPad2 docking station with speaker again,found this produce price only $59.99 from a China wholesale online store called <em>tatamall.com</em>. This product is a multi-functional charger with speaker, with multiple charging port for iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 3G 4G Use of digital audio amplifier, 2.0 channel high-power high tone quality output the price is so lower, I really want to buy it.But I don't know whether they have some quality problems? Maybe someone has purchased from this website before? Tell me sth about it.Thx.</p>

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