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  • Yi
    Yi wrote:
    <p>My name is Zhang Yi. i'm looking for a native french teacher (québécois is preferred). </p> <p>I've learned a little french before but i've forgotten most of it. I'm expecting to have a one-to-one class on a regular base (once a week perhaps). </p> <p>It might be easier for you to teach if you can also speak a little chinese or english.</p> <p>Please do contact me if you're interested.</p> <p>send me a message here or email me to zhangyi5628@hotmail.com</p>
  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    Ms Zhang, why do u prefer a teacher from Quebec? That's an antic French, why not Parisien? I've referred you to my Canadian friend. U shall discuss more details with her. Btw,any gender preference?

  • Yi
    Yi wrote:

    hi there. i prefer a teacher from quebec because i might immigrate to quebec. better for me to know more things about it, isn't it? but a teacher from france is also great for me.

    i don't have any gender preference. thank you for referring me to your friend :-)

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