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  • Matt
    Matt wrote:
    <p>Hi, everyone,</p> <p>It's been long that I haven't been here, because of some accidents. Happy new year to you all.</p> <p>These days I have been thinking that other than Chinese I have ignored Asian people, and our culture. It'll be great to have companions from other parts of Asia. Compared with the West, we are equivalently mysterious and important.</p> <p>I myself am learning English and western culture for many years, which adds to the reasons why I know little about Japan and its people. Other reasons are known to the world, so I guess I don't have to point it out.</p> <p>Therefore, I sincerely would like to know some Japanese friends, although I don't speak a word of Japanese. But English is international I perceive.</p> <p>If you are Japanese or your friends are, please feel free to let me know.</p> <p>My MSN is zhangxu110585@hotmail.com</p> <p>Many thanks!</p>

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