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  • love JP
    love JP wrote:
    <p>seems more and more Thaiboxing gyms opening here in beijing, what you really think of this sport?for my personal opinion, it is really good for build up body shape, guys or girls all looks good if you keep training it, i like tight bodies, its looks more fit..... if there is different opinion ples bring it up, i'm here to talk to you anytime. if you real interested pls come to beijing glee gym to check it out, it's at chaowai soho close to The Place. or any questions please send me a message....meet me at the gym, im here always:)</p> <p>Lisa</p>
  • Ajantha Manohar

    I don´t need learn martial arts to smash @swag, my shoe is enough to smash this cockroach

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Great against short fist styles.... Easily defeated by long fist styles.


    statistically speaking, more people study thai boxing, hence they enjoy a larger success rate.

    If long fist styles produced a number of wins vs. Muay disproportionate to the deficit in popularity, then the other style might be said to be more effective, statistically speaking, especially considering that the practitioner of a more popular style is at somewhat of a disadvantage in that they are less likely to be familiar with the nuances of the less popular style.

    Besides not fucking any trannies after spending 4 months in Bangcock, failing to see someone get crippled in an underground Muay fight is one of my biggest regrets in life.

  • №❶ Passioη

    @ Joep - derived from your explanation, sex is a sport as well..

    @ OP - last time I was beaten up by female (now ex) for no good reason. The little muay Thai I learned didn't help... Does your gym offer anything else applicable? "massage is good in winter"

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