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  • Rockstar Mooney
    Rockstar Mooney wrote:

    Which Ski Resort is the best in or around Beijing ? Are Nanshan,Jundushan,Yuyang,Badaling any good ? Where else ?

    Need some recommendations by Beijing veterans.

  • Henrik Pdrsn
    Henrik Pdrsn wrote:


  • Krister Thonerud

    Relative to what you compare it to of course, Nanshan is the best for a day skiing within convenient driving distance of 北京.

  • Lise Eilertsen

    in Beijing, --> Nanshan Driving distance-----> WanLong(chongli)

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Nanshan is incredibly convenient but it is just a stripe of white painted on the side of a brown rock. Then again, there are some challenging runs that I might not have had the confidence to do even if I had brought my own equipment and not been there with a Valentine's date, so maybe I'm just cunthurt because I was stuck on the bunny hill.

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