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  • Wicked Witch
    Wicked Witch wrote:
    <p>I began my show in 1994, concentrating on lower class people with minimal education who wanted to confront a wife or husband on national television, the range of subjects being, adultery, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestism and hate groups. These confrontation often lead to shouting profanities, chair throwing, fist fights, woman fighting and removing their cloths. If a female from the audience exposed her breasts on national TV, I would reward her with a 'Jelly Beads' I have decided to bring my show to China to host shows in Beijing and Shanghai! I am looking for women and men of all ages to come on the show. I also need woman prepared to expose their breasts on national TV and will reward you with my 'Jelly Beads' ! I am looking for men who like to wear woman cloths in public and at home. If men come on the shows dressed as women I will present you with a new award I have called the 'Jelly Nonuts' award. </p> <p>[embed]http://youtu.be/9vq2r7hPUNo[/embed]</p> <p>[embed]http://youtu.be/k8A82E01mRI[/embed]</p>

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