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  • Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力
    Rodney Hollingsworth 大威力 wrote:
    <p>One thing I love the most is cultural diversity, yet it's also the most confusing, conflicting, annoying and misunderstood. Learning a second or third language is the beginning in the approach to understand something of one's culture. However, studying the language should lead to communication and activity, which leads to awareness. Now lets analyze the culture of Social Network Sites and real life. Everyone on social networking sites are looking for something; whether it's relationship, friendship, one night stands, business connections, etc. And it is quite easy to find. Why? About 90% of the persons via social networking sites are desperate or in need of something or someone. Of course there are those whom have their "moral" guards up in order to "protect themselves". Yet once connecting in chemistry with someone, many times the guards will fall. Don't you agree Chinese women? It is true that most Chinese or Asian women on these social networking sites are looking for love, sex and/money, friendship. In many cases, they share the same desire as the men they are seeking after. Just read many of the status updates. Many status updates from women on these sistes are about love, being broken-hearted, etc. And the guy (mostly foreigners) whom responds the best to the updates win them over. </p> <p>So what happens next? They either chat for a little while longer before meeting in person. Or as soon after they meet with the guy in person, they give up the Va Jay Jay, morally known as the VAGINA. Many go on to call the guy they met their "BOYFRIEND." A relationship might come out of it. However, in most cases, their "boyfriend" might be cheating. She then finds out and gets upset or starts crying. She breaks up with him. But soon or later, she has a new boyfriend. and he's usually a FOREIGNER.</p> <p>But not all foreign men on these sites or around China are like the perverts, weirdos and geeks that most of you are attracted to for whatever reason(s); mostly odd and superficial. However, a smart man or one of patience know exactly what type of woman you are. And with him, you won't get very far.</p>
  • Saint - Spartacus

    i am not agree with you point . social network is a reflection of nowadays culture , that maybe the reason sb here , & net debate is somehow quite funny

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... at first, I thought this thread is asking about what Chinese women like in a man, which is kind of silly in the first place ... and after I read through what Rodney said, it looks like someone has been dumped rather badly, and/or is confused about Chinese girls ...

    Rodney and anyone else ...

    As far as "relationship" is concerned, Chinese girls are not all that different from western girls, who are also looking for someone to rely on and to trust, and to build "something" together, however, some of these Chinese girls (esp the ones you have met or known or just heard) do seem to have some surreal fantasy about foreigners, that they are BETTER than Chinese men (money, jobs, sex, respect for women etc), most likely because of what they have seen from TV series and movies (yes, Sex and the City and even Twilight), or someone they know personally (or friend of a friend of another friend) has been happily married to a foreigner etc ...

    One old saying is: the more one hopes for, the more one gets disappointed ... and it is true for most people, whether you are foreigner or Chinese, men or women ...

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    interestingly, i've always figured that, people on social networking, are either horny or bored out of their minds. @ Dear Cat, Which category do u fall into?

    OP, relationship concept is almost the same everywhere,it's interesting in your comment u generalized the concept while on the topic u focused on Chinese and in the body of ur analysis u expanded it to Asian ladies

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    What about you Rodney, do you have a girlfriend?

    How is it going with her? You are a smart man, of patience (and deeply bored) so I presume it is all going very well....

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    Your life is so amazing that you have to slow down and make yourself bored.

    And by your own admission you are, 'Probably one of the most honest, humbled and coolest persons to ever get to know.'

    You shan't be single for long bro...

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