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  • Annie_yirun
    Annie_yirun wrote:

    The foreign paino tutor neededMy brother is a middle school student ,he has learned paion since3 years ago and has a good base knowledge. i believe he will be a good student. He has been to america for one year learning, so the language communication will be fine.We need a foreign english teacher for paino teaching. i am sure that my brother can get more fun more than play paino. We live in near the New Exhibition Center,line 15, Houshayu station. Considering the long travel, we perfer to find a teacher live or work around us.We will afford you a well-paid job!

    contact me: 15101167375 e-mail: annieyirun@sina.cn or skype name :annieyirun*

    mybe my phone is fail to connect because of the bad singal, you can also call me at 9:00-17:00 by 010-85885527

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  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    What is this course of Paino?

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  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    @Godfather, when have u been nominated Embassador Overseer as u call it? I'm just wondering though

    @Annie, you will get a call from a teacher that I recommanded to you.

  • Peter S 李贝勒

    There s a french piano jazz player and teacher name "pierre pradat" i think he has a profile in WLBeijing He's one of the best jazz piano player in the town ( but u only have 3 or 4 guys) U can try "moreno donadel" and there is only one chinese guy who's name is xia jia (xia or xiao, i always forgot) with these 3 guys u ll be sure of the quality of the lesons and they can speak chinese. And they can do both classical and jazz...

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