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    lynn wrote:
    <p>class 1</p> <p>You`re beautiful! 你很漂亮!</p> <p>ni hen piaoliang.3344(really common,u also can exchange 很 with 真/非常)</p> <p>漂亮:beautiful. -Is there any words meaning “beautiful”?</p> <p>-Of course.</p> <p>好看:hao kan 34(good-looking)</p> <p>正点:zheng dian43(slang)</p> <p>靓:liang 4(from Cantonese)</p> <p>private class from teacher Lynn! everybody 加油!(jia1you2!)</p> <p>Free demo class everyday! Free after-class tutor TEL:59002125/59002875 ADD:Room 3106, No.9 Building, Jianwai SOHO,Chaoyang District.</p>
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    YEAH!! I WIN!! 忒他妈牛B!!

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