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    1. Go to this site.
    2. "Questions from Readers"[br]
    3. Find hilarious question (there are thousands)
    4. answer question

    I have a serious question. I wrestle a lot and sometimes I get kicked in the testicles or they get accidentally sat on. So will I still be able to ejaculate in the future if I get keep getting kicked it the privates? It only happened 6 times. (age 12)

    You seem very susceptible to testicular injury. Young boys prone to injuring their testicles should consider purchasing a testicle guard. This is an installed device made of iron that attaches to the shaft of your penis by way of a clamp and a few screws. Some complain of discomfort at first, while others object to the size of the device and the massive bulge that it creates in your pants. Some have said, 'it looks like I'm wearing 18 cups.' But others have reported that the great weight of the device tends to pull down on the shaft, and this can lead to significant long-term lengthening of the penis. Good luck.

    I am a diabetic who has impotence. I use Viagra but can't generate semen. What vitamins or foods should I use? How can I correct this problem? (age 71)

    Dude, you're 71. Semen generation should not be your concern right now. God and Satan, Heaven or Hell -- these should be your concerns. So you're shooting blanks. Should this surprise you? You're impotent and you're 71. Your bullets have been fired. Reinforcements? Srsly? This is not 'Nam. You should stop trying to fuck people. And vitamins? Dude you're gonna die really soon. Is that what you would ask for as your last meal? Bacon grease casserole! Hot dogs! Go out with a smile.

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