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  • Giselle
    Giselle wrote:
    <p>Dear all!</p> <p>I just found out that I still have several cinema tickets havent use,considering that I traveled a lot recently,will not have time for films,decide to sell it as a good price here!</p> <p>Well,I work for media,those tickets were given by my work,so guys no worries,I can even go to one of those movie theatre with you to prove they are real,and I will offer you 40%off discount.</p> <p>But if any of you already know me in real or if you would rather trust this,not nessasary to ask me lead u the way,I'd like to offer 50%off discount for the delightful deal.THINK OF IT!:B</p> <p>The cinema is one of the best theatre,Poly Film (Near Olympic Park,there is one for the best!)</p> <p>http://bjdxg.polycinemas.com/pq/?loc_Code=607&amp;xDate=2011-12-17</p> <p>http://bjdxg.polycinemas.com/pq/?loc_Code=606&amp;xDate=2011-12-18</p> <p>The tickets can book any seats for any movies at any time if you like.</p> <p>Dont wait,if you interest in this,call me on: 13811827788 (mandarin% english)</p> <p>Merry Christmas!xoxo</p> <p>Giselle</p>

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