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  • Black&white Specimen
    Black&white Specimen wrote:
    <p>Hey everybody i'm Dj Junior i arrived with my brother and friend DJ in beijing last week Now we are looking for some agent or nightclub who need new dj specially French DJ I play with my friend Dj Carter we are called Black &amp; White Specimen's We play Electro House , commercial music and progressive House . If you know some people who are interested let me know . We love you ! :D</p>
  • Simen Wangberg

    "specially French DJ"

    Pray tell, what is the difference between a French DJ and a DJ from, I don't know, any other country? Do French DJs shower less often, or complain more loudly about a lack of social programs?

  • Simen Wangberg

    Uh, okay. You didn't really answer my question...at all. What is the "French touch" that the "French dj bring"? Do you throw baguettes at people while they're dancing? Take an hour-long break for every 15 minutes you spend DJing?

  • Father Of Boring

    On the one hand, I support you advertising that you're a French DJ, because French DJ's should let the rest of the world know they didn't make the cut to be in Birdy Nam Nam. On the other hand, what is with the continuing popularity of French DJ's?

    I get German DJ's, and the Dutch, fine, DJ away, at least they're Lutheran about it. Who let the French be DJ's?

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