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    Keyaaqu wrote:
    <p>All those who finish the survey will get one of the fabulous gifts as attached, we also will do a lucky draw to choose 10 guys to give a free dress! So just send your survey together with your contact info. to our email address at contact@forherandforhim.com! </p> <ol> <li><p>If a website provides customized size and 7-days delivery dresses, will you consider to buy one? A. Why not, customized size is brilliant and 7-days is fast B. Yes, if I have more colour choices C. Yes, if it has different styles D. No, I prefer to buy a dress from a store E. Customized size doesn’t matter F. 7-days delivery doesn’t matter </p></li> <li><p>Which style do you prefer? A Simple and elegant ones ? B Fashion and chic ones ? </p></li> </ol> <p>3 Which age group do you fall into? A. 16-19 B. 20-24 C. 25-30 D. 31-40 E. 41-50 F. 51-60 </p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/c73c5809e04b4c6fad7dbbbdb14477c9.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p> <p><img src="http://img.dl.e.weliveinchina.com/_tempimages/_outimages/536/a603208fb74a4c0ea8665b70dbb30126.jpg" alt="alt text" /></p>

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