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    Webslave wrote:
    <p>i was actually pretty impressed and convinced about the new kindle touch, especially the 3G edition cuz i assumed that it'd will help me to browse the internet much easiert with the new touch function. </p> <p>But big disapointment is that they limited 3G browsing only to kindle store and wikipedia where i can go to any websites via K3 (Kindle Keyboard 3G), even to Facebook or Twitter in China. Amazone is providing satalite connection for it and therefor not blockd by Chinese internet police.</p> <p>You can browse the internet only via wifi.</p> <p>http://www.amazon.com/Kindle-Touch-e-Reader-Touch-Screen-3G-Special-Offers/dp/B005890G8O</p> <p>because of my job on music festivals and gigs, traveling a lot in a year to places with no wifi, i m acutally looking for a tablet computer to constantly being able to read and send mails. I found a nice offer with the Dell Tablet which comes in bundle with China Mobile Tianyi. But when i found the new Kindle touch, i automatically thought that i would not even need any internet providers if i got 3G by Amazone. Now i have to reconsider the whole thing.</p> <p>what is your fav in ebook readers and tablet computers?</p>

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