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    everyplan2000 wrote:
    <p>Hello!</p> <p>I am a local Chinese girl,darcy,I got my bachelor degree in teaching,I am specialized in Mandarin teaching,I am experienced,easy-going,English speaking private tutor!</p> <p>Brief Introduction of my classes: Are you beginner? -To start studying Chinese,it is not a difficult thing,and we will neglect complex Chinese characters,start from pinyin,just like English letters!And gradually we study new words,arrange words to be sentences,day by day,you will feel you can communicate with people around easily!</p> <p>So asking directions,doing some shopping,travel outside,ordering food in restaurants,it will be very convenient!</p> <p>Are you a student in university? -I can help your text book study,help your HSK examinations,I will solve your problems!</p> <p>Are you a worker in Beijing? -I can improve your Chinese skills in communicating with your coworkers,if you are a doctor, hotel manager,teacher,lawyer,sales manager,office clerk,my tailored classes will meet your requirements!I am specialized in Hospital Mandarin,Hotel Mandarin,Teacher Mandarin,Law Mandarin,Office Mandarin,Business Mandarin and so on!</p> <p>So to speak a good Chinese,standard pronounciation,the right tones is very important for beginner,take it easy,you will see,it is a piece of cake!</p> <p>Contact information: Tel:(0086)15801637509 Email: everyplan2000@gmail.com For more help,like touring around,translation,interpretation,shopping,personal affairs,please let me know,I may help you about that!</p>

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