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    <p>Philein/ZiRu Productions and LanTian Theatre present</p> <p>Zero Hour by Philein Wang</p> <p>December 16-18, LanTian Theatre </p> <p>Featuring the collaborative works of Chinese American artists: Keith Weng (photographer), Areta Wang (visual artist),</p> <h2>Simon Ting (percussionist),</h2> <p>“The show is replete with Wang's artistic talent and understanding of her culture” - Han Bingbin, China Daily</p> <p>“...Beautiful...focused and vigorous performance.” - Rita Felciano, Danceview Times </p> <p>“Wang herself is a force of nature, raising money, creating projects and sharing the stage with artists of every stripe. And that alone is well worth a look.”</p> <h2>- Nancy Pellegrini, TimeOut Beijing</h2> <p>Now, in its second year of performance, Zero Hour will return to Beijing this December. Philein/Ziru Productions in partnership with the LanTian Theatre present a multimedia and multicultural experience for all ages. Zero Hour—a mixture of cutting-edge modern dance, music and art inspired by Chinese heritage and American tradition—is returning to the capital this year with an expanded storyline, new original works of dance and music and a cast of twelve dancers from the US and China.</p> <p>Conceived, choreographed, written, and directed by Artistic Director, Philein Wang, Zero Hour is the story of one Chinese-American's struggle for identity told through the "zero hours" of youth vis-à-vis the dilemmas faced in love, career choices, value systems, and in the ever-changing relationships with family. Inspired by Wang’s own life experiences, the China World Journal calls Zero Hour "a sincere and honest portrayal of the global Chinese citizen." Presented in collaboration with the work of four Chinese American artists—photographer Keith Weng, visual artist Areta Wang, percussionist Simon Ting, and costume designer Karen Lin—Wang blends poetry, photography, painting, and live percussion with Tiger Hip Hop, her unique motion style.</p> <p>The protagonist of Zero Hour is a young Chinese mother immigrating to America with newborn son. Audiences follow the relationship between mother and son as she watches him navigate the pitfalls of growing up within the challenging duality of Chinese heritage and American tradition. Tiger Hip Hop, a dynamic fusion of modern dance, hip hop, Shaolin-style martial arts, Wushu, and Tai Chi, is the perfect medium to express the joys, sorrows and frustrations that come with cultural assimilation.</p> <p>Fast on the heels of a sold out encore performance in California, Zero Hour is a compelling multimedia and multidimensional experience that pushes beyond the bounds of expectation to reach new limits of imagination, art, and expression.</p> <p>Zero Hour returns to Beijing at the LanTian Theatre, December 16-18. Tickets are 100-150RMB. For more information about Zero Hour, or Philein/Ziru Productions, please check out their website at www.ziruproductions.com. Videos of performances are also available for viewing online. Zero Hour《行动开始》</p> <p>Friday, December 16, 7pm Saturday, December 17, 7pm Sunday, December 18, 2pm LanTian Theatre 北京蓝天城剧场 Address: 北京朝阳区朝阳北路101号大悦城10层 Floor 10, Joy City, 101 Chaoyang North Rd., Chaoyang District, Beijing Tickets: 100 and 150RMB Tickets are available at the door To reserve tickets please call:+86 15811382217 Reservation email: odboy3@sohu.com</p> <p>About Ziru Productions Founded in 2007, Philein/ZiRu Productions is an organization that focuses on multidisciplinary work, collaborates across cultural boundaries, and actively addresses the question of cultural identity in today's hybridized society. Our mission is to promote greater understanding between the U.S and China through multi-media, dance, music productions, and collaborations with artists and dancers worldwide. Through Tiger Hip Hop/Tiger Motion™, a new form of dance, Philein Wang/ZiRu Productions combines Western and Eastern philosophy, movement, and culture to share with audiences in China, Europe, and the United States.</p> <p>Philein Wang (Artistic Director) is a Chinese-American dancer, musician, and poet whose exploration of her heritage and artistic identity has led her to createa highly stylized dance form for the Chinese body and identity: Tiger Hip HopTM/Tiger Motion. She has worked with and was a soloist with Janice Garrett, Ron Brown, Winifred R. Harris, Liss Fain Dance, and Taiwan's world-renowned Cloudgate Dance Theater. She was a guest choreographer for Amaranth Dance Company and has taught workshop intensives for LDTX/BeijingDance, Peking University, Beijing Ballet Academy, Guangzhou International Dance Festival, Praxis Project, Laney College, Virginia Commonwealth University, and Ren Liang School of Dance. In 2007, she founded Philein Wang/ZiRu Productions and has self-produced and presented work in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.</p> <p>今年12月,《行动开始》将再度惊艳北京。来自美国的自如舞坊和蓝天剧院通力合作,共同呈现这出适合所有年龄层的多媒体和跨文化现代舞剧。《行动开始》融合了先锋的舞蹈、音乐和艺术风格,自如舞坊创始人美籍华裔王自如小姐说所有元素均来自于中美两国文化传统的启发。与去年的演出版本不同的是,今年的故事情节将更为丰富,十二位来自中美两国的舞蹈演员将展现全新创作的舞蹈和音乐。 作为本剧的艺术指导,王自如小姐一人身兼数职——策划,编舞,编剧和导演。《行动开始》通过讲述年轻人在爱情,事业,价值观和不停变换的家庭关系中所遭遇的种种两难境地,展现了一个美籍华人在身份认同上的挣扎。世界日报(美国中文报纸)称,这部启发自编舞王自如亲身经历的现代舞剧“真诚而忠实地描述了全球华人公民的生存状态”。除了王以外,还有其他四位美籍华人艺术家参与了该剧的创作——摄影师Keith Weng,视觉艺术家Areta Wang,打击乐手Simon Ting,以及服装设计师Karen Lin。在他们的通力合作下,王在表演中融合了诗歌,摄影,绘画等多种艺术形式,以及Tiger Hip Hop,一种由王原创的独特的舞蹈风格。 《行动开始》的主人翁是一个年轻的中国母亲,她带着刚出生的儿子移民去了美国。母亲目睹了儿子在双重文化背景中成长所经历的挑战和挣扎,而与此同时观众将看到母子二人关系的微妙变化。Tiger Hip Hop被创作者认为是最能表达主人翁在经历文化同化时所体验到的欢喜,悲伤和沮丧的艺术形式,它动态地融合了现代舞,Hip pop,少林功夫,武术,以及太极的元素。 刚刚结束了一场在洛杉矶的火爆演出,《行动开始》是一场引人入胜的多媒体和多维度的演出,它超出众人期待,缔造了想象力和艺术表达的新极限。 《行动计划》将于12月16至18号在蓝天剧院重演。票价100到150元不等。获取更多关于《行动计划》以及自如舞坊的信息,请登录www.ziruproductions.com。</p> <p>Zero Hour《行动开始》 星期五, 12月16号, 晚上 19:00 星期六, 12月17号, 晚上 19:00 星期日, 12月18号, 下午 14:00 北京蓝天城剧场 地址: 北京朝阳区朝阳北路101号大悦城10层 票价: 80, 100,150元 可现场购票 提前预订电话:+86 15811382217 预订邮箱:odboy3@sohu.com</p> <p>关于自如舞坊 成立于2007年,自如舞坊侧重于跨文化演出,致力于探讨当今多元化社会中的文化身份认同问题。我们旨在通过多媒体,舞蹈和音乐,以及与世界范围内的艺术家和舞蹈家合作来促进中美人民的互相了解。在Tiger Hip Hop/Tiger Motion这种全新形式的舞蹈中,自如舞坊将东西方的哲学,动作,和文化相融合,并与中国,欧洲,和美国的观众分享。</p> <p>Philein Wang/王自如 (艺术指导)是一位美籍华裔舞蹈家,音乐家和诗人,她对自己的文化传统和艺术身份的执着探索使她创造出了Tiger Hip Hop/Tiger Motion这种面向中国文化的高度风格化的舞蹈形式。她曾与Janice Garrett, Ron Brown, Winifred R. Harris, Liss Fain Dance, 以及台湾的云门舞集有过密切合作。她曾是Amaranth Dance Company的客座编舞,并曾为北京雷动天下现代舞团,北京大学,北京芭蕾舞团,广州国际舞蹈节,Praxis Project, Laney College, Virginia Commonwealth University等进行过舞蹈培训。2007年,她建立了自如舞坊,并自此在旧金山,洛杉矶,北京,上海和广州独立出品过多出舞蹈作品。</p>
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