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  • Sara From Capital Mandarin School
    Sara From Capital Mandarin School wrote:
    <p>HSK Preparation Course Capital Mandarin School works for improve students’ Chinese study. On our HSK preparation Course, students will focus on achieving the language knowledge and testing skills. Also we will help students to collect the information such as location, time and samples of the HSK tests.</p> <p>Features: 1 Intensive learning 2 Integration of group class and private class 3 Short-term 4 Imitating the real testing process and environment</p> <p>Duration: HSK Level 3: 1.further practice of pronunciation; 2.150 commonly used words; 3. grammar patterns and special structures; 4. basic communication abilities:exclamation, degree, frequency and so on; 5. read and write 270 Chinese characters Students will master 600 words; read and write 300 Chinese characters. They can finish most communication tasks in Chinese when travelling in China (go shopping, see a doctor, sport and so on). After 300hours (5months) learning, zero-Chinese based students will prepare HSK level 3.</p> <p>HSK Level 4: 1. further practice of pronunciation; 2.600 words; 3.compound sentences and text learining; 4. communication abilities: reminding, advising, logic relationship and so on. Student will master 1200 words.<br /> Besides they are able to communicate fluently with native Chinese speakers about work, study and so on. Furthermore, they can write simple Chinese sentences according to the given situations. After 420hours (7months) learning, zero-Chinese based students will pass HSK level 4.</p> <p>Teachers : All the teachers are experienced. The teachers are familiar with the process and content of HSK tests. The teachers are good at communicating with students.</p> <p>Contact us www.capitalmandarin.com info@capitalmandarin.com +86 10 6592 5672 www.facebook.com/capitalmandarin http://twitter.com/capitalmandarin Location: Room 1006 , Van Palace, Guanghua Road , CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing If you send email to us, please tell us you got the information from+ website (Sara)</p>
  • Stian Moe
    Stian Moe wrote:

    where is my level ? HSK 8 or was 6? was just so long ago he he he...not easy and for me HSK was kind of funny because it had grammar that i didnt know about it, words i had never seen and well stupid questions like : -who can stop a car with a hand?- A; a doctor B: a teacher C: a policeman hehehe

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