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  • Sara From Capital Mandarin School
    Sara From Capital Mandarin School wrote:
    <p>HSK Preparation Course Hi, this is Sara from Capital Mandarin School. Capital Mandarin School works for improve students’ Chinese study. On our HSK preparation Course, students will focus on achieving the language knowledge and testing skills. Also we will help students to collect the information such as location, time and samples of the HSK tests.</p> <p>Features: 1 Intensive learning 2 Integration of group class and private class 3 Short-term 4 Imitating the real testing process and environment</p> <p>Duration: HSK Level 1: 1.pronunciation; 2.300 commonly used words; 3.basic communication abilities:greetings, farewells,self introduction,time expression and so on; 4.recognize 150 Chinese characters Students can understand and use very simple Chinese phrases, meet basic needs for communication and possess the ability to further their Chinese language studies. After 60hours (1month) learning, students will pass HSK level 1.</p> <p>HSK Level 2: 1.pronunciation; 2.150 commonly used words; 3. elementary grammar patterns and simple structures of sentences; 4. basic communication abilities:demanding, requirement, suggestion and so on; 5.recognize 150 Chinese characters Students will master 300 commonly used words and recognize 300 Chinese characters. Besides they can communicate about daily topics. After 120hours (2month) learning, zero-Chinese based students will pass HSK level 2.</p> <p>Teachers : All the teachers are experienced. The teachers are familiar with the process and content of HSK tests. The teachers are good at communicating with students.</p> <p>Contact us www.capitalmandarin.com info@capitalmandarin.com +86 10 6592 5672 www.facebook.com/capitalmandarin http://twitter.com/capitalmandarin</p> <p>Location: Room 1006 , Van Palace, Guanghua Road , CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing</p> <p>If you send email to us, please tell us the website you got the information. Then you can get one book which is used in our course for free.</p>

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