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    ROSS GRIGORI wrote:
    <p>i love to play piano, and i wantg people to listen and share this love of music with me . where can i do it?</p>
  • Mengmeng
    Mengmeng wrote:

    You can try to search some cafes or bars, they might need part-time or full-time pianists. link text

  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:

    if you have piano in your apartment or house here,you can invite people to your place and play for them...

  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    well, what kind of music are you playing? in case of jazz you could check out clus like V.A. Bar, East Shore, CD Blues and Jazz Cafe and stuff. Other places where they regulary offer live music are Hot Cat Club, Jianghu Bar, Jiangjinjiu, Blue Stream Bar etc.

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