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  • Maturew
    Maturew wrote:
    <p>I'm sure I'm among the first group of Chinese who using google in China....ever since there is a word called "search" on the internet world....</p> <p>So...I have never really used any other search engines in China....because I mainly need stuffs in English for me.....</p> <p>Now...ever since google is forced out of mainland....by who by other enterprise? im not sure....it becomes very unstable now....and lots of ...lots of good English stuffs for me are disappeared from google which now is based in Hk........</p> <p>what a "dark" world for me now!......in the beginning I didnt realise it's so pain ....but since I was "forced" to use Baidu, such a redneck (personal opinion ) Chinese website for me....... I found out the pain is adding more and more .....</p> <p>What should I do now? I can predict some day google will fully vanish in my online life....What an end of world will it be for me!!!.....I dont want to use VPN at all!!!.....</p> <p><strong><em>*</em><em>*</em><em>*</strong>let's compare this 2 search engine just...don't mention/bash on Gonverment here (it's not my purpose)....who knows it's a business strategy or not...I just want google back to normalllllll... .......please don't mention other blocked site here too....thanks! BE CAREFULL with YOUR CIVILIZED WORDS JUST <strong></em><em>*</em><em>*</em><em>*</em><em>*</em><em>*</em>**</strong></p>
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  • Webslave
    Webslave wrote:

    Baidu is good if you want to look up for Chinese terms or info about anything Chinese, but it actually sucks as a search engine. But it's cool to search video materials with it. My alternative in case google doesnt work again would be Bing, doesnt get as great results as Google but still better than Baidu. Sometimes i go for google.de but it's actually the same instable like google.com

    but i m not sure if google is really out of China, even though you'd always land on .com.kh, i think they must still have servers in China.

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