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    Something wrong wrote:
    <p>outside my window </p> <p>a small breeze made its way</p> <p>unhurried, </p> <p>i sighed the sigh of a breeze and let my gliding arms</p> <p>show the way,</p> <p>inside i melted, washed away a swaying tear,</p> <p>certain,</p> <p>i embraced the brace of a desire and let my fleeting mind</p> <p>take me to love</p> <p>for you</p> <p>a day can be longer than a life</p> <p>the slight pain in the center of </p> <p>your hand</p> <p>close your eyes,</p> <p>close your mind</p> <p>i know you are looking</p> <p>most of most beautiful soft speaking</p> <p>are coming from such </p> <p>absolute silence</p> <p>i wish i could wake up</p> <p>although i am already</p> <p>looking forward to the </p> <p>next fall </p>

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