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    <p>Do you want to study Mandarin with a native speaker at home!If so,please contact Cora for Mandarin classes!</p> <p>I am a young girl but experienced in teaching Mandarin for years and as a native spkeaker,I don’t have any accent,so I can help you practice standard pronounciation,improve your listening and speaking skills!</p> <p>I specialized in kinds of levels courses: 1,Beginner level(Electronic materials): 1,m, f, n, l, h and sh are pronounced as in English. d like "d" in "dear" (unaspirated) 2,- Zhè这shì是shénme ?什么? - What is this? - Zhè这shì是shū.书。- This is a book. 3,你 nǐ (pro) You 好 hǎo (adj) good, well 你好! nǐhǎo! Hello, How are you? 再 zài (adv) again 见 jiàn (v) see 再见! zàijiàn! Goodbye! 4,Beginner courses including:Phonetics,Daily Topics,Beginner vocabulary,Basic grammer,listening,speaking,dialogue practice,dialogue and text analyze and study!</p> <p>2,Intermediate level:discuss the details by skype</p> <p>3,Advanced level:discuss by skype</p> <p>If you have your own materials,I still can help your materials online,by skype!</p> <p>If you want to enquire about Mandarin courses,please contact Cora! Email: <strong>locallanguagehelp@gmail.com</strong></p> <p>Please send me an email first,then let’s fix a time to meet up on line!</p>

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