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  • WeLiveInBeijingRess
    WeLiveInBeijingRess wrote:

    where is the best place/beach to get tanned in asia? the philipines? when is a good time to go? i don't want to fight the crowds, also i don't want to go during chinese holidays, how is late April? how many days i can get tanned, how long i gotta book the plane ticket and hotel in advance? is it easy for chinese to get the visa?

    thanks a lot, i only want to get tanned by the Sun, so no need to suggest me to go to a beauty salon or tanning cream or anything, but thanks for ur time reading this

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    me in beijing, u here? need advise from tour expert ;)

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    oh, i forgot something important, how is the fee entirely

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    thanks a lot, i care the most is which is best place to get tanned, I SERIOUSLY WANT TO GET TANNED, so now thailand is the cheapest? how much about Vietnam? is it good for getting suntan?

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    ok, i gotta be more specific, i am not a famous spot person, i just need a beach during the day to get tanned, one or several relaxing bars to get drunk during the night, i can even get some hot dogs as dinner, not gonna try nice restaurants there, beijing is enough for that, and i won't buy anyone souvenirs, won't go shopping anywhere, i buy my cosmetics online which is like 10% of the original price, i make my own clothes, i don't carry fancy bags, or even i do, it is only fake ones from xiushui, so i only plan to spend my money on flights and hotels and beers, i will buy bikini in beijing, i will sleep in and stay several hours on the beach, and then probably go around in the city a bit, but won't be anywhere packed with tourists, probably try to see how their life is like, and then grab some food, and then beer time, and then go back to hotel spend 2 hours appreciate my body, and hit the pillow

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    i guess there won't be any cheap hostel on the islands, i don't care how small and dirty it is, it's fine as long as it's snakes free, how is the price of the hotel, averagely

  • Simen Wangberg

    I have nothing to add other than that you have a great attitude for vacationing. People don't seem to understand that the purpose of a vacation is to get away from stress. So then they're like OMFG DO A MILLION THINGS ALL DAY SO YOU CAN BE TIRED AT NIGHT??? Noooooo.

    "and then go back to hotel spend 2 hours appreciate my body"

    So what, you just stand in front of a mirror for two hours? Am I missing something?

    EH EH EH

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    yes, exactly, i will be obssessed with my own freshly tanned body, i only spend 1 hour when it's pale like now, ;)

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    ok, i guess it does sound lame i want to save money on a vacation, but on another hand why should i spend money on things i have no desire for, and lastly i really don't want to go anywhere that there r just tourists and tourists, like houhai, yiheyuan, wangfujing, tourists just make those places weird, and party sounds cool, but with whom?

  • Simen Wangberg

    The Nazis had pieces of flair that they made the Jews wear.

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    no best only better

  • Ajantha Manohar

    How do they know you are jew? Do you have a Star of David Tattoo in your forehead? or Do you usually try to docking with the locals?

  • WeLiveInBeijingRess

    he is from israle, dude, check his profile

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