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    A sign the economy is emerging from the summer doldrums. The Federal Reserve reports industrial production in September rose two tenths of a percent. Output climbed as demand for big items like cars and business equipment went up. And manufacturers are rebounding from the slowdown brought on by Japan’s tsunami and nuclear crisis earlier this year.

    Cell phone companies say they’re gonna take responsibility for letting consumers know if they’re about to go over their monthly usage limits on voice, text, and data services. Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Janikowski welcomes the move.

    These actions harness technology to empower consumers. And ensure consumers get a fair shake not dull shock.

    The FCC head threatened to impose a regulation on the wireless industry requiring a warning. It says it’s backing off that plan for now at least.

    On Wall Street today the dhow fell two hundred forty seven points to close at 11397. The NASDAQ lost 352.

    This is NPR

    can you help me write a short headlines and summary for these...? some I don't understand.... please help me....

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    'Cuz it's a transcript of a radio broadcast.

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