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  • Pretty Aunt Danni
    Pretty Aunt Danni wrote:

    尼玛,老纸不想打英语了。 老纸住厦门海边啊,家门口出去到海边走路6分钟就到。 谁想来厦门玩,可以找我。

    带你逛遍厦门的club ,bar 好玩的,好吃的.....哈哈不好意思是个party animal O(∩_∩)O哈哈~有啥不明白的也可以问我。


    i was stay in beijing before ....to be honest i dont like very much.

    tooooooooooooo cold ....i love xiamen the nice city by the sea... so clean and the weather is so warm.

    until yesterday i still can wear skirt ....lol i know every club in xiamen ....cheap .....

    anyway welcome to xiamen :D

  • Simen Wangberg

    I really hope you're just playing the role that we assigned to you and are not actually complaining about a second-tier Chinese city not having a bunch of shitty student-oriented "clubs".

  • Simen Wangberg

    "dude, wudaokou has the best clubs in china. "

    Right, but like...you've been saying that for awhile, and I think we conclusively proved that that is completely false, but you keep doing it because that's what we expect from you and you recognize that. You're consciously fulfilling our expectations.

    Like isn't that why you're always saying "soandsoandso is the best thing in suchandsuch place", because the extreme nature of your comments is what makes it amusing? Like when I watch a sitcom and someone says something completely over-the-top, and then I laugh. That's what it's supposed to be like.

  • Lasse Skøien
    Lasse Skøien wrote:

    i do heard form friends that Xiamen has its particular sensation, relax, no tension, i guess it's a good place to shoot 非诚勿扰3, the beach, the breeze, with the music and bars in the background. but i will definitely head for the clubs if i go. i guess i should add this to my to do list.

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