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  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham wrote:
    <p>I need to buy this medicine - big quantity valued to 6000rmb . And they don't sell them on taobao . ( So no 支付宝)</p> <p>So i find their company's website : http://www.eastchinapharm.com/pro_detail.aspx?ID=992&amp;p=cplb&amp;p_kind=5&amp;c_kind=20</p> <p>http://www.hdpharm.com/about.aspx?p=fzlm&amp;p_kind=110&amp;c_kind=113</p> <p>I got the cheaper price, but they wont get me any contract , and the only way to pay is sending cash straight to their bank account ( no 支付宝)。</p> <p>So what must I do now? Is there any paper i can get from them ?</p>
  • Sebasti
    Sebasti wrote:

    OMG, don't buy ANY medicine on internet if you value your health

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