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  • Sara From Capital Mandarin School
    Sara From Capital Mandarin School wrote:
    <p>Business Chinese Course Hi, I’m Sara from Capital Mandarin School. Please allow me to introduce Chinese courses for you. </p> <p>On our Business Chinese Course, students will learn the business culture of China and learn professional knowledge and expression about commerce, such as accounting, banking, human resources, import, export, CV making,job interview, business negotiation etc.</p> <p>Features: 1 Business Culture learning 2 Professional expressions of some occupations 3 Use them in daily working 4 Improving the competition for obtaining employment</p> <p>Duration: After 30hours (1week) learning, students will grasp the survival Chinese and gets to know the business culture and economic situation in China.</p> <p>After 60hours (2weeks) learning, students will learn the expressions of business banquets and Chinese table customs.</p> <p>After 90hours (3weeks) learning, students will learn the expressions of shopping and travelling, and gets to know the silk and tea culture of China.</p> <p>After 120hours (4 weeks) learning, students will get to know the expressions of meeting schedules, business farewell, CV making, job interview, business negotiationetc.</p> <p>Teachers: All the teachers are experienced with teaching business Chinese. The teachers are familiar with economic and commercial situation.</p> <p>Contact us www.capitalmandarin.com<br /> info@capitalmandarin.com<br /> +86 10 6592 5672 Location: Room 1006 , Van Palace, Guanghua Road , CBD, Chaoyang District, Beijing</p> <p>If you send email to us, please tell us the website you got the information. Then you can get one book which is used in our course for free.</p>

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