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  • Chucho Castillo
    Chucho Castillo wrote:
    <p>China football team will not be able to reach the final stage of Asia qualifiers even though they were located in one of the less competitive groups with Jordan, Iraq and Singapore. It seems that despite of the progress in other sports China is still not able to find the formula to build a competitive football team. José Antonio Camacho is an excellent coach, if he gets more time he can make improvements and maybe get different results for 2018 but on the other hand, the addition of Australia to the Asian Confederation is making the world cup dream a hard target for China.</p> <p>Why China football team does not play their home matches in Beijing? I think they would have more support and more advantage in terms of weather here than playing in ShenZhen.</p>
  • Christian Hansen

    I agree. I have experienced, at least in Beijing, the lack of passion and challenge when playing football

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