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  • Nirvana
    Nirvana wrote:
    <p>u love her.. U need the job.. And please.... Answer seriously..</p>
  • Ola Sande
    Ola Sande wrote:

    fuck ur boss' wife

  • Pavoir Sponse
    Pavoir Sponse wrote:

    I would brutally rape my boss...

  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:

    fuck ur boss' wife

    agree with it...

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    I'm going to hit this thread with some cream.

    Fuck the boss' wife, even if she's got nasty roast beef curtains and a hare-lip. Fuck your boss' wife, like a boss, that is, continue smoking your cigarette, and put the ash tray on her back while you're doing her from behind.

  • Saint - Spartacus

    Fu x k u boss's wife & his sister & his mother ... ...

  • 随便叫兽
  • Rick (史大龙)

    Godfather is right, I am the boss and enjoy these benefits!!!

  • Simen Stensvoll

    buy him a beer to thank him for satisfying my wife

  • Şerife
    Şerife wrote:

    F U C K him!fuck the boss!

  • K5-35
    K5-35 wrote:

    Join them and have a wonderful threesome, what is there to make a fuss about? BTW, David Findley is an attention manwhore, recognized!~~~No offense, but fact is fact.

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:

    In defense of David; I think there may be a way to sue your boss if you catch him banging your wife even if it is consentual because he is abusing his position of power over your career and asserting that power in an unreasonable manner. With a good lawyer and a sympathetic judge I believe it could work.

    If this happened in China I believe Weibo could come in handy in order to destroy the bosses reputation and garner sympathy from the masses. Perhaps one could extort a large amount of money from the boss in order to keep the issue quiet "we all know how important saving face is"

    As for the wife, people make mistakes and no one is perfect. It would take a huge amount of patience and understanding to rehabilitate the relationship and many factors need to be taken into account. Like: Why did she do it? What are the circumstances in which it took place? How is the health of the relationship? What did you do in order to facilitate that type of activity?

    A happy couple will not cheat on each other. It is widely accepted that in most cases of infidelity in marriage both parties are partially responsible for the infidelity. A happy and secure wife will not ordinarily cheat on her husband. Actually women, when given what they need in terms of security and love are less likely to be unfaithful.

  • Kodi
    Kodi wrote:

    David: Another statistic that may be interesting to you. In relationships dealing with infidelity men are 50% likely to file for a divorce if the wife cheats while women are only 20% likely to file for a divorce under the same circumstances. For women it seems that a very important factor determining whether or not to file for a divorce under circumstances of infidelity is the answer to the question, "Do you love her?" If the man cheats on his wife, but can convince her that there is no love involved between himself and the women he cheated with then he is 80% likely to be able to save his marriage. However, whether there is love or not does not seem to play a role in the man's decision.

    I think this may have something to do with men thinking they can own women and having the pride hurt by another man taking the woman away. Primal creatures huh? I think we can learn some very important things about both men and women by examining this. How much of it is natural and how much is socially constructed?

  • Micky
    Micky wrote:

    Having worked near to a few bosses, I think this situation is nearly impossible unless the boss’s secretary has a hand in it. Secondly some boss’s offices are well protected with surveillance cameras monitoring every body coming in and out, a private toilet and small resting room; I really doubt how the husband will penetrate without being noticed and this action will certainly not be performed on the lobby couch.

    However, if by any means I happen to catch my wife red handed having sex with her boss or with any body else.. the truth is that the marriage is 89% over unless otherwise it is a plan between me and my wife to blackmail her boss to get Beijing hukou and apartment in Chaoyang district.

    BTW, David, let us assume that your imaginations are real, I may suggest that you’re going too far; just pray that your woman don’t want to cheat you; cause if she has that inclination,. You may not even know the real father of some of your children.

  • Jenelyn Tambago

    I would destroy their lives. Take a pic of the moment, send it to my wife's family to show what a whore she is, send it to my company to show what an ass of a boss, send to my boss family to show what a cheatin ass he is, and then hit my boss head like a punching bag and then declare momentary dementia or rage if things go to the court.-

    Sue my wife for being such a slut an leave her with nothing, take the kids away...etc...etc

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