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  • Fernando Fidanza
    Fernando Fidanza wrote:
    <p>Hello everybody, my name is fernando , I'm a Italian musician, composer and producer.</p> <p>2 degrees in 2 conservatories (Rome and London), lots of experience blah blah blah.</p> <p>Since i'm on this site I proposed:</p> <p>to send my songs for FREE lots of concert for FREE book a FREE lesson of guitar, recording or soundtrack the same lessons at 30 ( yes right 30 ) rmb per hour 500 ( yes right 500 ) rmb to record a song ( from recording to mastering ) in a recording studio</p> <p>I have almost 2000 "friends" here.</p> <p>I got 2 positive replies And I got lots of complains from people that joined my group ( if you join a group and this group is very active why this group is considered SPAM? If I join a group is because I'm interested in what their are doing ) </p> <p>So...everyone...please....what am I doing wrong?</p> <p>Best</p> <p>Feenando Fidanza</p>
  • Fernando Fidanza

    oh I forgot,

    I also offered a job...

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    Make it useful spam: Write a press release.

  • Fernando Fidanza

    Hi Gaaruto, thanks for your reply, I wrote blah blah blah for 2 simple reasons.

    One because on my profile , my group and mwwebsite there all the information that you need

    Two because was not the point ofmy post



  • Road
    Road wrote:

    Fernando,all u need is a translator,or a partner,in order to join loacl music scene,not only weliveinbeijing.

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