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  • Charlie
    Charlie wrote:

    Hi there,

    This is Charlie from Beijing, I'm an undergraduate student studying at Peking University and I live in PKU global village.

    If anybody here also studies in PKU or lives around (I also go to wudaokou often) needs Chinese tutoring or practicing, feel free to contact me.

    About me: I scored the highest in the national CEE(College-Entrance-Exam) in the whole area of Beijing and have been focusing on humanities/social sciences studies in my previous study.

    I'm starting to do part-time Chinese teaching since I found a lot of Chinese students majoring in "Chinese-teaching" around me were offering these classes. I found their classes sometimes quite boring and in my point of view, not worth the money. And some information they offered about Chinese language and culture is quite off the truth.

    So I would like to try this myself and arrange the classes according to your level and particular needs.

    Contact: charlieliang2b@gmail.com / sinleong915@gmail.com

  • Joligne
    Joligne wrote:

    2b ? er (4) B ? seriously ? if u want to teach , u need a new email account !!!

    taht one above is so disgraceful

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