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  • john1988
    john1988 wrote:
    <p>you can live in beijing of China free!! I want to look for a girl or a woman live in my Chinese family .</p> <p>I am a Chinese women ,I live in “Haidianqu” by the Tisinghua University(北京市海淀区成府路文津国际公寓 清华大学南门附近)</p> <p>I want to look for a girl live with me . I will give you one room where you can live freely and cook by yourself and so on .........</p> <p>if you are working or studying in "Haidianqu " by the Tisinghua University ,you can live in my home ! It"s really free !!!</p> <p>just foreign girls or women .</p> <p>I only want to practise my ENGLISH by live with you !!</p> <p>my call: 18610556995 you can give me messages or a call ></p>
  • Jenny&King
    Jenny&King wrote:

    hahaha your english is Cool LL and you promise don't take that girl or woman's organ ok?

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    How should these girls look like? What would their height and size? What color are u looking for? Blue, green, purple or orange? I've got some candidates.

    Please advice

  • Ben Liu
    Ben Liu wrote:

    good idea sis beijing rent is really expensive

  • Joligne
    Joligne wrote:

    the landlord she is a lesbo !!!! be really careful. cant believe any girls would really live there !!! she probably will rape u and kick u out at any time she wants . even if u call the police . they wot listen to you , cos u dont have the contract.

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