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  • Liam (李安)
    Liam (李安) wrote:

    In case anyone wants to Occupy Beijing Subway this evening, there will be a big Halloween party on Line 2 at 9pm. It starts at Dongzhimen, on the train bound for Xizhimen. Wear a costume, have a drink. Get stared at by random subway passengers who have no idea what the hell is happening.

    Last year, the party filled up two subway cars. This year's party should be even bigger.

    If you have a VPN, you can see this video, featuring last year's party.

    See you there


  • Ecce Marce
    Ecce Marce wrote:

    sounds fun. Can i come as a weirdo? Then i dont need to worry about a costume.

  • Einsteinna
    Einsteinna wrote:

    I'm starting to wonder what to wear.. coz I've joined a world 屎est Halloween party last night...

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