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  • Maturew
    Maturew wrote:
    <p>I went to jiaodaokou once, saw so many girls and boys play their instruments in the shop...Anyone good now?</p> <p>For the background: I like "real" rocks or metals, not sweet pop music.etc..</p>
  • Dan
    Dan wrote:


  • Simen Wangberg

    Yantiao http://site.douban.com/yantiao/

    X is Y http://site.douban.com/xisy/

    Pairs http://site.douban.com/pairs/

    Hanggai http://site.douban.com/hanggai/

    Pet Conspiracy http://site.douban.com/petconspiracy/

    Army of Jade Kirin http://site.douban.com/ajk/

    I reckon that's a good start.

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