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  • RuiShi
    RuiShi wrote:
    <p>LAKE International Beauty &amp; Make-up Academy is now looking to hire:</p> <p>1. A foreign female English-speaking make-up teacher; exp. a plus</p> <p>2. A foreign computer graphic designer; some ability in Chinese a plus</p> <p>3. 15 foreign models for the upcoming LAKE fashion show in Dec.</p> <p>Please click the bottom links for quick access to the LAKE groups on WLID:</p> <p>-Teacher/Designer:&nbsp;<a href="http://weliveindalian.com/groups/g/1000002279/Lake-International-Beauty--and-38;-Make-up-Academy/">http://weliveindalian.com/groups/g/1000002279/Lake-International-Beauty--and-38;-Make-up-Academy/</a></p> <p>-Models:&nbsp;<a href="http://weliveindalian.com/groups/group.rails?Gid=1000002486">http://weliveindalian.com/groups/group.rails?Gid=1000002486</a></p> <p>**All other details pertaining to the jobs shall be discussed over the phone or in person&nbsp;</p>

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