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  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    As demonstrated here, ruining a thread is as easy as copy-pasting a table and leaving an HTML tag open. It's easy to do it accidentally, but when the same person does it three times in a row, it seems like less of an accident.

    So: Dando knows how to do it, but he usually doesn't, because he imposes limits upon his faggotry. And yet, since everyone knows Dando is a drug-addled masturbator, it can be acknowledged that the ability to fuck shit up is not a superhuman feat, and, in fact, any moron can do it.

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    It looks like Joligne's original profile was deleted by the admins, but she's already got a new one, and used it to ruin this thread, which was actually pretty fucking good.

    So much for laying low. Now the admins might actually fix the problem by removing our formatting options.

  • 叮噹叔叔 (令狐叮噹)


    Hahahahaha ... the troll cannot stay low ... "she" just killed another ...

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    All you have to do is copy-paste a table or other complex piece of HTML and delete the stuff at the end so as to eliminate the closing tag, and it'll fuck up everything following your post to the point at which it interferes or prevents others from posting after you.

    In Joligne's case, the text from the bottom of the page appears with her name because that's the crap she's copy-pasting to fuck up the page code.

    I haven't figured out the precise way of doing it in order to kill threads, but disrupting them is fuck-easy. I've done similarly simple script kiddie tricks to create those ominous "blue bubbles" that sometimes appear at the tops of threads.

  • Brenda Liu
    Brenda Liu wrote:

    watching and learning so that i won't be the thread killer

  • 随便叫兽
    随便叫兽 wrote:

    That's a nice gesture, @Brenda. I'll try to explain the problem with illustrations and plain English later, if I'm not too stoned.

    It's too bad Joligne is not at all like Brenda. Instead of admitting that she had ruined a conversation and asking the community for a HOWTO: not be a total asshole, she decided to shift gears to MAXIMUM OVERTROLL and do the exact same thing to terminate the thread where I identified her as the source of the problem, which is about as subtle as a fucking heart attack.

    The word "troll" evokes the image of a huge green-skinned humanoid which lives under bridges and, in the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games, possesses regenerative properties that are only negated by fire or acid. However, closer etymological inspection shows that the origin of the term "trolling" is actually a corruption of its near-homophone "trawling," which means to attempt to catch fish by dragging a fishing net behind a slow-moving boat.

    Trolling is not about the uncivilized aggression of the savage troll, but the patience of the fisherman.

    Remember, kids:

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