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  • AM
    AM wrote:
    <p>will work in shanghai for 10days and then maybe have one or two says for traveling there,will be my first time in shanghai,want to c old building,and try good restaurants and oh,except the picasso's exhibition,any good art&nbsp;gallary that i should go there?</p>
  • Brenda Liu
    Brenda Liu wrote:

    Just saw u were complaining beijing's 云南菜,we have one resteraunt in Shanghai very famous too, it's called "The lost heaven",maybe u can try.

    for the old buildings ,in the city, u can go to 豫园,or u can take metro 11 go to 安亭.

    and around 陕西南路,长乐路,淮海路,there are alot of things to see too.

  • Brenda Liu
    Brenda Liu wrote:

    i c, well, shanghai is actually a city where the Skyscraper combined with old small buildings, which i am always a bit surprised. if u wanna see 弄 and 巷, u can find a lot here, but different with beijing's, just don't go to Xin tian di, or the bund, those kind of place. i will recommand the old  French concession area. and u can find plenty of great coffe bars, restaruants,etc.

    FYI, for great cakes i have a personally liking place, Whisk, located at 淮海中路1250号

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