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  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham wrote:
    <p>What do u think of Akon???</p> <p>Why do you like his music?&nbsp;</p> <p>Do you know what is the average age of Akon's fan???&nbsp;</p>
  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham wrote:

    Bob Dylan was here in Beijing? But he is like legend !

  • Tina
    Tina's猫 wrote:

    Akon discovered Lady Gaga,and he made much more money from being her agent than being a singer,and now he is focusing on business more,so...

    but right now na na na is still one of my favorites.

  • Ajantha Manohar

    You are right Pete!!!!!! who can prefer Dylan's songs rather than Akon's songs, with those fucking boring lyrics that some people take as anthems for the US civil rights and anti-war movements, FUCKING democRATS!!!! ... Better Akon, his talent to write songs is AMAZING !!!!

    Lets sing with me Pete one of his songs, tonight is friday night, we can hunt and fuck some chicks!!!!

    I just had sex
    And it felt so good
    A woman let me put my penis inside her
    Wanna tell the world

    I just had sex
    And my dreams came true
    So if you had sex in the last 30 minutes then you're qualified to sing with me
    I just had sex


  • Father Of Boring

    Akon used to be pretty cool in high school, but when he started working with Mike Doughty and Janelle Monae on that DJ Shadow project that Books was producing, he just kind of went off the rails.  It wasn't the same after that.  We couldn't hang anymore.

  • Father Of Boring

    Nowadays the voices(mostly) aren't real. You think that's Akon's voice ? hell no it ain't. It's all this new technology that's used in the studios to make them sound like ANGELS

    You know, it's kind of funny that Akon is good for dancing, right?  And places where people dance are also establishments where people get their drink on, right?  And so, see, there's also this OLD technology that makes him sound like an ANGEL.  Oh you know, you've all seen that girl, "GOD I'M SO DRUNK OMG I LOVE THIS SONG SYLVIA COME ON LET'S GO DANCE!!!!!"  Yeah, it's Jamie Foxx, and Brothers In Space was something I can't forgive him for.  The world may have forgotten, but I haven't.

    And then here's me, sitting in this booth, holding a drink 5 times more expensive than it needs to be, and thinking, "Sylvia, where are you going?  I thought we were just having a nice talk about your Pekinese that crapped on your new Ikea rug."  And so I take a sip of it, looking at Sylvia's shoes and thinking...who the fuck wears leapord print ballet shoes.  Oh, right, 19-year olds from Tennessee who say they think indie rock is cool.  That's what you get when you seed your OkCupid profile with Grammy runner-ups and snarky comments about dog hair on your couch.  I don't even have a dog.  Why did I agree to this?  Then I look around, and it's dark, and I can't make out who's actually hot and who's just caked in makeup.  So I look at my watch, look at my calendar on my phone, and then check my wallet.  Ah fuck it.  I slam the rest of it back, steel myself for what I'm about to do, and order a tray of stupidly expensive shots.  Yeah, Jamie, I do.  Not even my libido or lax standards or the taint of desperation that bleeds through my "OBEY" hoodie; it's ironically passe, is my excuse.  I blame the alcohol.  I start wiggling my shoulders.  

    When Sylvia and her random East European roommate come back, they're like "SHOTS!"  And when they ask why I'm not dancing, I can't say contempt, because it's loud, and they wouldn't have any idea how to respond to that anyway.  If she could hear it, Sylvia would probably just shrug and go home early.  So I say, "I had to get the shots!  There's no surprise if I just randomly get up and dance whenever you do!  That looks too desperate, right?"  They both giggle, and the random East European shoots Sylvia one of those surreptitious "go for it" glances.  "Oh, and you ditched your purse over there, keep an eye on it."  Then the European roommate grabs hers and checks her cell phone.  

    We finish off the shots, and they finish blasting Soldja Boy.  We laugh at the people who dance at it, and I'm feeling like I'm back in my element, and this might not have been such a bad idea.  I mean, I was kinda hesitant, because it's not like I've had any work in the last few weeks, and Sylvia messaged me, and even though she's not THAT hot, it's not like she's a troll, and I'm really just sick of conversations about Hurts and The Big Pink interspersed with clatter about high heels, name-brand towels, and online perverts with the locals.  But, y'know, we saw the Ch

  • Father Of Boring

    Chinese indie band earlier that night, and the East European roommate was bored, and Sylvia just met me, so I don't really want to jeapordize my chances by being too pushy, and she wanted Babyface, so fine, Babyface, or whatever the fuck club it was.  

    The shots work, and we're kinda joking and getting close and it's a good night and I'm in the moment, but then Pitbull starts chanting, "Mr. Worldwide!..."  Oh no.  No.  Pitbull is like, the poster boy of all that's wrong with music, on my invite-only private torrent tracker forums they make fun of him all the time.  But then Akon chimes in with "Mr. RIGHT NOW", and the girls are right there with the chorus.  Up out of our seats, to the dance floor, purses be damned.  So I'm closing my eyes and attempting to not hate myself for dancing to this, but I open my eyes and Sylvia, who looks a lot better than I remember, does this "come hither" thing and puts her arms around me.  Yeah, alright, I like this close contact thing, my hands go...where, do I grope you?  Do I not?  Crap.  The chorus comes back around, "I may not be your Mr. Right, but I'mma be your Mr. Right Now."  Yeah, ok, I go for it, hands on the butt, on the back, and she's not stopping me, so, I guess...and yeah, we're dancing, and thoughts racing through my head are, god, what am I doing, I hate this place, I hate everyone in here, I just blew like 500 kuai on these people I just met, what the fuck am I doing here dancing with this woman I don't even know, I can't even count the number of times I've wanted to facepalm and leave tonight...and her head is on my chest, and then the chorus comes back around again.  Mr. Right Now, huh?  She backs up, kind of twisting her head to the bridge of the chorus, and I'm thinking, that IS kind of cute when she does that.  The bridge is about to end, she's ready to come back in, and so I think...

    Akon, why not.  You're richer than me, you're more famous than me, you have much lower standards than I have, and you're singing about random sex with strangers.  If that's not the voice of god, if that's not an angel whispering in my ear, I don't know what is.  The beat drops, she's back in my arms, and I go for it.  I can sense a moment of hesitation in her kiss, but the surprise fades, and she kisses me back.  My guess is she heard the same angel.  

    Thanks Akon!  She stole my black T-shirt, she talks about nothing but her divorced parents and her dog, and doesn't even give a shit about The Joy Formidable!  If you're reading this, I want my shirt back!  

  • Yanni
    Yanni wrote:

    Mr Lonely...

  • High Priest
    High Priest wrote:

    FOB. I don't know why u took such a name. Reading you, you should be called FOA(Father Of Amusing). Interesting story.

    I'm with Rockstar__Singers today rely too much on techology and have got nothing of natural. I'd like to listen to a special voice, combined with instrument, it brings harmonious melody.

    Akon, well, never been impressed by his music__I just had sex...wish he Joe Biden listen to this song with his sons.

  • Kevin Chen
    Kevin Chen wrote:

    hold my hand

  • Father Of Boring

    So basically, Akon is the rohypnol of Autotune.  Can we all just admit this?

  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham wrote:

    wowowowo thanks u guys! Read the info on forum is much more interesting than googling him !

    well i think, Akon has very special voice...that's what i am impressed of...

  • Michelle Pham
    Michelle Pham wrote:

    He is in Beijing now hehe

  • №❶ Passioη

    I just left the grand. They'll be doing some tour tomorrow while I'll be working... :(

  • 申琪 Annie Shen

    smack that!

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